Security Project: A Unique Celebration of the work of Peter Gabriel

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The timeless music of PETER GABRIEL has found new life through The Security Project.  Featuring former members of Peter Gabriel Band, King Crimson, a former Marillion member’s tour, Carpet Crawlers UK, The Lou Reed Band, The Security Project not only recreates these masterpieces live, but gives them new musical wings for the 21st century.  The reviews have been glowing: “Scary Good Show!” raves Progression Magazine after their premiere in New York City.  Noted musicians also have given a thumbs up, including Tony Levin, Larry Fast (both from Gabriel’s band) Steve Hackett (Genesis), Jon Anderson (Yes), Gabriel Mixer/Producer Tom Lord-Alge, Gabriel Analyst Lilywhite Leigh, to name a few, have all taken note.


With Gabriel now a double-inductee into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (both with Genesis as well as his solo career) The Security Project deliver the most adventurous music from his first five solo albums, including “Security” and culminating with “Plays Live


Founding member Jerry Marotta says: “Peter was always great at setting the table for us as musicians; he always got us started with great ideas…  As we were creating SECURITY we had no idea we were making something so unique… I’m proud that with Security Project we’re able to deliver the deepest of those songs, and do it with real conviction -- playing them live.”


The live shows have included such gems as: “The Rhythm of the Heat”, “On The Air”, “San Jacinto”, “Here Comes the Flood,” “D.I.Y.”, “No Self Control” “I Have the Touch”, “Intruder”, “The Family & The Fishing Net”, “Wallflower”, along with the occasional classic from “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway”.


What's The Buzz?

"TSP are a mind-blowing amalgam of disparate musical brilliance!"-Gabriel Researcher/Lilywhite Leigh
"Sound as good -- at times maybe better -- than even Gabriel can nowadays" -Time Out, NYC
"King Crimson's Trey Gunn brilliantly injects a wicked warp to Gabriel's melodic weave."–G.A.S. Online
"A Scary Good Show!"  -Progression Magazine
"Great to see some of the original members doing it the right way." -Steve Hackett (Genesis) 


The Security Project ~ Plays Live:

Jerry Marotta:        Drums & Percussion, Backing Vocals
Trey Gunn:             Warr Guitar, Backing Vocals
Brian Cummins:    Lead Vocals
Fuzzbee Morse:     Guitars, Flute, Backing Vocals
David Jameson:     Keyboards & Eigenharp


Note:  Larry Fast does not play in the live band, but he was very gracious in helping with many of the original sounds, samples and sequences from the original Peter Gabriel recordings he performed on. We thank him.